Tuesday, November 6, 2012


By: Maymoona Rashid

Mistakes is a part of this beautiful world
If there are no mistakes, there is no life
Mistakes are there to be learned from
You shouldn’t be locked up so you don’t make mistakes
Part of life is mistakes
So learn from them

You make mistakes your whole life
You can’t hide from them
Even hiding from mistakes is a mistake
Allah has made life so we make mistakes
Then we fix the mistakes made by us humans

Every time we make a mistake we learn a new lesson
So there are more lessons to be learned in life
Think of it this way every mistake is a whole new lesson
Making mistakes doesn’t mean lie
Tell the truth and the lesson is learnt

Life is directions to your destination
Every mistake is a wrong turn
But once the lesson is learnt, you get back on track
But even so the destination is worth not even millions of dollars
So learn whatever you can to get to the destination of your life

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