Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Angel Garcia

Someone once told me “Listen to your heart when something goes wrong” but I never understood it until now. My whole life I grew up in a dump, my clothes were never good and my grades were steady. I am going to tell you the story of a little girl who grew up to be more than she thought she would be, but not easily with so many hardships because she wasn't just like everyone else. This story could make you cry at times; maybe you’ll laugh, but understand her story could change your point of view for many things. I am Angel Garcia and this is my story.
“And there are voices that want to be heard. So much to mention, but you can’t find the words.” Have you ever felt that way? That you wanted so hard to say something to someone but you weren't able to because you couldn't say it? I have, I felt that way my whole life. When I was a kid I lived with my mother and her boyfriend. My father left us when he found out about me. My father was a motorbike type of guy; he went where the wind took him. Most people might pity me, for not having a father. But, I think it’s the better thing for me, my father was a kind man but he wasn't the “dad” type of guy. My mother became sicker and sicker every day, especially since Mike, that’s her boyfriend’s name, would smoke wherever he could. Whether she was in the house or not, he would smoke his cigarettes. I felt sorry for her, more than I did myself.  She was hopelessly “in love” with him but he just used her for what he wanted. I tried to stay out of their way, but he came after me anyways. So while I took care of myself and them, I did the cooking, cleaning, and I paid the bills and everything else. I did everything while he screwed around with mom and me. She grew sicker each and every day. I went to school wearing ragged clothes, didn't have much clothes since the money went towards to ways of how we would stay alive.
Next morning I got ready to go to school and found that he left the trailer with most of our things and our money. The savings that I had to work almost my whole life for, he left with it. (To Be Continued, please do comment and say if you like it or not..what don't you like and what you would like to see.)

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