Wednesday, January 2, 2013


Home is always in your heart
Home is that place where you feel you belong
Home is that place where everything makes you feel at peace
Home is where love is shared

Love never ends where you are home
Love is given unconditionally to you no matter who you are or who you become
Just come home to feel love and at ease
Love is what you need when you're at home

Life is one big journey
It takes you many places
Far and near
Love always brings you home, wherever it may be

The one place where I know myself
The one place where I can be me
The One Place Where I Belong.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Eternal Darkness

Left in the shadows,
Standing there alone,
Crying the tears of pain,
Where are you in this eternal darkness?

Walking along the path,
I don’t care much for where I go,
I keep thinking if I walk long enough, I’ll be saved.
Where are you in this eternal darkness?

Body falls,
Mind and soul shut down,
Coldness surrounds me; I’m dying in this alone eternal darkness.

Suddenly, I feel a warm sensation.
A being standing before me,
A glimpse of light is seen.
Who or what is it that saved me from this eternal darkness?

Is it an angel?
Is it a hero?
Is it a human?
Who are you?

It’s my savior.
Saving me from the coldness that once surrounded me,
From the pain that I endured for many years,
And from the lonely darkness.

Light spreading throughout my heart,
The wall falling down that protected me,
Finally a smile is shown upon my face,
I’m no longer alone in this world.

I am saved.

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Slumdog Millionaire

 The familiar movie, “Slumdog Millionaire”, is known all over the nation for the way it’s filmed along with the actors/actresses who played the roles given to them and the directors who, well of course, directed it. Directors, Danny Boyle and Loveleen Tandan, worked together to turn this mixture of Bollywood and Hollywood movie into a success. And I sure believe they did turn it into a success. In this movie Dev Patel played the role of Jamal Malik, the Slumdog who happened to win the 20,000,000 rupees in the show “Who wants to be a Millionaire?” His brother Salim Malik, who was played by, not a very famous actor, Madhur Mittal, stole the love of his life, threatened to kill him and turned him into a thief for part of his life. Now Freida Pinto, who played Latika in this movie, was the love of Jamal Malik’s life, the destined one for Jamal. This movie basically revolves around these three characters and what happened to them. In his journey to be with his one and only love, what brings him that close to it? Was it because he’s a genius or because he cheated? Was it because he got lucky…or because it was destined?
Throughout the movie, the actors had played their parts very well, in my own opinion. Freida Pinto played the older Latika. Dev Patel played older Jamal. I believe they both played their parts well. Dev made it look like he was really focused on finding the answer to those answers which did not involve his past life. Latika was played well as well, her emotions; any female could understand what she was going through even if they hadn’t gone through it themselves. And these are the two characters I liked the most in this movie. Their characteristics are what most people should have in real life. I like the fact that someone is a leader and independently thinking. Not going with the flow, seeing through people’s lies and knowing when to choose right rather than wrong. To lead someone or a group of people takes a lot of courage, and though it doesn’t seem like Jamal was doing it on purpose, he was able to gather courage in those who hadn't had before.
This movie is recommended for anyone who has an open mind, to learn new cultures. Sure, this movie has a bit of religion in it, and is a mixture with India’s culture. But that doesn’t necessarily mean that this is going to be another boring lecture or documentary. No, this movie is far from that. “Slumdog Millionaire” is one movie that you don’t want to miss out on. It shows, as I’ve said before, the story of the three characters and what goes on in India, today, whether we like it or not. Treating women, as if they are just some delicacy to be enjoyed, or taking kids for granted and taking their eyesight away or their baby brothers/sisters away for more money, this all happens in India today.  As you watch this movie, you get to see the world through another’s eyes. It’s worth watching some violence and some inappropriate scenes to imagine what life wouldn’t be if we weren’t American.
We, Americans, take almost everything for granted because everything is given to us, but what about those who aren’t as lucky as us? What about those who have to go through life, separated from those who love and care about them? This takes us through the poor and riches of India, some less fortunate than others and some more fortunate than others.
As I’ve said before, two of the main characters are Latika and Jamal. Two main characters in the movie are Jamal and Latika. The story is based on the two character’s love story. Jamal is a leader, independent thinker, he doesn't do as told until he understands that changing is the inevitable. Latika is basically a broken doll, who doesn't have the will to go against those who are over her. In my opinion, yes they are like real people because once you break someone until they are just too weak-willed to actually standup, that’s what happens. Jamal is an ideal man, who stands up for what he believes in. A man who believes in his love.
If you haven’t realized, this movie is a drama movie. A bit of Romance mixed in it, a lot of action/adventure in it, but most of all, this movie is very dramatic. The scenes you go through will make you feel all the emotions that go along with the characters. From the depressed emotion you feel when Latika is taken from Jamal, the many times she is, to the anger you feel when Salim does all the things he does just to gain money. You feel almost exactly how Jamal feels throughout the movie.
Throughout the movie, Jamal is very persistent in giving all he can to get the love of his life back into his life. He even goes onto the show, not for the money, but for the fact that he knew that Latika would be watching and sooner or later they would be together. Though Latika only thought that they would be together in death.
Now if you have seen the movie, “Bride and Prejudice”, you might see where this movie is coming from. Since in 2004, another mixture of cultures were brought together.  Basically the classical tale of “Pride and Prejudice” brought into a Bollywood Production with Indian music and Indian actors/actresses. The movie had the language mixture in there, with English as the main language but partial Hindi/Punjabi. Just as this movie, “Slumdog Millionaire” is also based on the book “Q & A” by Vikas Swarup.
The rest is up to you, would you like to see a normal, poor 18 year old boy win the love of his life by going through so much punishment because he knew the answers to almost all the questions? Or do you think that this is just another boring film?

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Alexandra and Sasumi

Long ways from here was a forest, where trees filled every inch and at all times light was shed through the star shaped spaces from the leaves above all, making it seem to be night all time. Many tribes lived in this forest, since this forest covered much too land of this planet. The two most powerful tribes, Ishizu and Daisuke, were at war for many centuries, but the successors were in love with one another though they were forbidden to ever be with one another.

These tribes and this land consisted of females alone. Any male died off three hundred years ago, due to an illness that only the Y-chromosome carried. This day and age there were adam-females and eve-females. Adams were not allowed to show there femininity so they had to bound up their breasts. Eves were allowed to be as feminine as they wish.

The tribe of Ishizu had Sasumi Ishizu as their leader. Sasumi was indeed a beautiful, elegant, kind and caring Eve. She was politically looking out for ther tribe's best interest. Her tribe's weaponry and army was the best of the planet. No one could beat the Ishizu tribe except for the Daisuke tribe. Problem was Sasumi was madly in love with Alexandra Katherine Daisuke. Alexandra Daisuke was the leader of the Daisuke tribe and was also athletic, beautiful, strong and amazing. She was indeed an Adam. She always tried to do all that was the best for her tribe. She always, always protected her tribe from harm. But, the leaders of Ishizu and Daisuke went against their home for love. Alexandra and Sasumi were in love with one another.

Once every month, underneath the full moon, Alexandra and Sasumi met one another underneath the hugest tree in the whole forest, the tree of Okinawa. The two females would become one for this one night. They were able to be lovers, act as one, love as one. Alexandra would kiss Sasumi passionately and deeply as they would hold each other. Her lips would press against the one she loves, her hands running down along Sasumi's sides. Over the course of the night, Alexandra would make every single inch of Sasumi hers. Alexandra would kiss along Sasumi's neck and then her shoulder. She would swirl her tongue around Sasumi's pink nubs and smile at her moans as she would also moan out softly. Alexandra's slow and soft movements would only cause Sasumi to grow more and more excited. As an adam, Alexandra had the chance to make any eve feel good. Alexandra would quickly thrust herself inside Sasumi while kissing her passionately. All night long the couple would make love until they both passed out. In the morning Sasumi would be gone by sunrise. Alexandra would soon head back also.

The people of Ishizu and Daisuke knew if Alexandra and Sasumi were to join forces and become a public couple, tying their lives together, nothing could defeat Ishizu-Daisuke, but one knew when to stop thinking about the unreal.

After three years of secrecy, Alexandra and Sasumi grew closer and closer. But one night Sasumi had not come to their love spot. This made Alexandra very worried and so she went to the Ishizu territory to find out what exactly kept her. The siren was called, Sasumi's fiance  had grabbed her bow and arrow. Sasumi hadn't known the "enemy" that came to their territory was in fact her beloved Alexandra, so she stayed behind. Lucinda, Sasumi's fiance, had aimed and shot unarmed Alexandra in three different places. Pulling out another arrow to finally put an end to Alexandra Daisuke, Lucinda was stopped by her fiance. Crying, Sasumi begged Lucinda to have mercy. Lucinda was shocked to see her fiance cry and that for the enemy. Alexandra could no longer hold herself up, falling to the ground as she was wounded in her heart, shoulder and thigh.

Sasumi ran to her beloved, catching her in her arms as she looked down at her, tears falling down her cheeks. Alexandra reached up and weakily whispered out "I...Will" She pointed to Sasumi's heart "" Alexandra, with the last of her power, reached up and wiped Sasumi's tears away before passing out, her hand falling to the ground. A thump was heard as her heart beat slowly faded and her breathing came to a slow stop. Sasumi couldn't take this, her teasrs ran down her cheeks as her lover died in her arms. She leaned down and pressed her lips upon Alexandra's slightly warm lips ebfore taking the arrow from her heart and plunging it in her own. Her last words were "I'm Alexandra."

Looks like not even death made them part. Holding hands, Alexandra and Sasumi walked into eternity with no one to stop them from being together, ever again.

Friday, November 9, 2012

Zachariah Adam Drake

Born in 1867, Zachariah Adam Drake grew up as any other normal child, very happy and playful. But that all changed when he turn fifteen years of age. It was a normal day, like any other, he came out and began his daily chores. He woke up at quarter past five and showered, brushed his teeth, combed his hair and changed his close. By half past five he was down in the kitchen waiting on his breakfast. His nanny is the one who raised him up since he was a mere child due to his parents passing away to unknown circumstances. She served him freshly squeezed orange juice, with a plate of scrambled eggs and a side of bacon. He always liked his morning to start out with some fresh cup of milk warmed with a dash of honey. So once he was finished with his eggs she gave he his milk and then he went out to officially start his day.
                While working out in the farm, he found a girl lying in the fields. She wasn't wounded nor was she bleeding in any part of her body. She looked very beautiful. Her brown curly hair that flowed down over her shoulders and her beautiful pale white skin was breath taking. Her pink soft lips seemed so wonderful from the distance making him wonder how perfect it would seem against his own. He carried her back to the house and laid her down on his bed. The nanny had gone into town to get the daily groceries for the rest of the day. He went down, folded a towel and wet in some warm water. He took the towel up and put it on her forehead, hoping this would help her out. When he went upstairs, she was gone. The bed seemed untouched as if no one was laying there. He was a bit upset at the fact; she was so beautiful and she was gone, maybe never to be seen again. (to be continued..please comment)