Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Eternal Darkness

Left in the shadows,
Standing there alone,
Crying the tears of pain,
Where are you in this eternal darkness?

Walking along the path,
I don’t care much for where I go,
I keep thinking if I walk long enough, I’ll be saved.
Where are you in this eternal darkness?

Body falls,
Mind and soul shut down,
Coldness surrounds me; I’m dying in this alone eternal darkness.

Suddenly, I feel a warm sensation.
A being standing before me,
A glimpse of light is seen.
Who or what is it that saved me from this eternal darkness?

Is it an angel?
Is it a hero?
Is it a human?
Who are you?

It’s my savior.
Saving me from the coldness that once surrounded me,
From the pain that I endured for many years,
And from the lonely darkness.

Light spreading throughout my heart,
The wall falling down that protected me,
Finally a smile is shown upon my face,
I’m no longer alone in this world.

I am saved.

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